What Do You DO?

I provide great info about skin care and direct sales out there on social media, but from time to time people are left wondering exactly what it is that I do, since I have entrepreneurial adhd and have my hand in so many different pies.  Primarily now, this blog focuses on my niche in the direct sales industry helping fellow direct sellers market their businesses via card campaigns and video emails.  I represent two direct sales/ network marketing companies that help me help other direct sellers to promote their businesses.  My first love, though, before I joined those companies, is a skin care business I’ve been with since 2000.

Up there on the menu there is a “work with Heather” pulldown which explains each of my businesses:  the skin care biz, the greeting card biz, and the video email biz.  Take some time to read about the companies I represent.  Can you see yourself working part time with one of these companies?  Fill out the “contact Heather” form on the menu above.  I would be thrilled to work with you.  What better time to get started with a new adventure than the end of the year?

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