What Is CRM?

I’ve been representing an awesome follow up, card sending, gift sending system for years now without knowing what CRM is. One of my downline members posted a question about CRM on our facebook group this week and I learned so much about the differences and similarities between our product and CRM.

CRM stands for “Customer Relationship Manager” and it automates the process.  Lately, potential clients have been mentioning CRM to me and my downline members saying that they don’t think our system will be a fit for them because they’re already using a CRM system.  So let’s take a look at what CRM is and what it can do.

A CRM is great at pushing out bulk communication.

Our system is primarily for sending PERSONALIZED individual cards quickly and inexpensively.

Our contact manager can do a lot of the same work as a CRM system as far as sending out cards, keeping a good record of what was sent to whom and giving clients a place to store comments and demographic data. The best part is you get all of that for free as a client of our company.  Many organizations spend thousands on a CRM system.

Our system is not necessarily a replacement for a company’s current CRM.  However, it is an amazing addition.

A CRM is typically software that keeps track of all emails, phone calls, meetings, appointments, tasks, and projects that a business has with its clients. An example of how we can use our system in addition to a CRM would be to pull up a client on the screen and enter a note on their profile within the CRM and state, “sent client a nice to meet you card and a box of brownies”. Then one could add a follow up date on that note to check back in with the client in two weeks.

However, we can also document a note within our system.  The difference is how robust of a system one needs.  Most CRMs are more robust than our current profile system.  One can log into a CRM and make notes under their account, read notes that other associates have made, and set follow up dates to notes that automatically populate shared calendars and task lists. A real estate office, car dealer, insurance agent, or any business does not need to drop their existing CRM to use our notes feature and address book. That is not what our primary product is. However, in our business we recommend that ALL businesses use our system to send cards and gifts!

The other difference is the business opportunity.  If you join us as a client and upgrade to a distributor you can make money as a side income.  I don’t know whether you can do that with a CRM!

We do not pitch our product as a CRM system.  It is a contact manager but does not have the same flexibility and capability of a CRM system.  What our system does best is send cards and gifts.  The contact manager is wonderful, but it’s icing on the cake.

If you are currently using a CRM, send a card for free with our system to see if sending cards and gifts will help you use your CRM more effectively.  If you haven’t been using a CRM, our system is a great way to start doing part of what a CRM does— after using our system for a while you can always get a system that does even more if you want to spend the money.  But for your money in terms of card and gift sending you get an amazing contact database that tracks birthdays and emails you when they are coming, separates your clients into groups, and allows you to send a card (mail-merge personalized) to each individual group at a time.   My goal?  To get all direct sales professionals to use our system.  Direct sales is my niche and direct sellers need our system.


Aside from parenting special needs twins, Heather Price represents three direct sales and network marketing companies. She started with a popular skin care/ cosmetics company in 2000, and added the greeting card and video email companies in 2008 and 2012 specifically to encourage other direct sales professionals to use out of the box tools to promote their businesses. Heather enjoys selling the products and building teams with these companies. Do you need extra income? You can find out more from the “work with Heather” pull down menu at http://heatheramyprice.com In 2012 she added social media services to her portfolio. For a limited number of clients, she tweets, pins, posts, connects, curates content, uploads videos, and generally explodes the social media presence of small businesses. Heather’s businesses can be found at http://shopskincarewithheather.com , http://cardswithheather.com , and http://videoemailswithheather.com . To ask Heather about her social media services, put your info here: http://heatheramyprice.com/social-media-services/



26 Responses to What Is CRM?

  1. Heather says:

    I’ve used SOC before and I rally think it works just fine. There really is no reason to pay a ton of money for a CRM when you can just use that system. I love that you can attach gifts too. Quick and easy!

    • Heather Price says:

      so glad you’re a SOC user! I think for a lot of us it’s sufficient, but for potential SOC clients already using a CRM system, it was helpful for me to learn more about CRM.

  2. Beth says:

    It sounds like a nice system. Sending cards and gifts sound good too.

  3. Crystal Peterson says:

    CRM is a term that I often came across but didn’t entirely know what it meant. Thanks for the explanation, great post!

  4. Informative post, Heather! I never knew what a CRM was but after reading your information, I don’t think it’s a match for me anyway. I’ll keep your services in mind as I get my business rolling!

  5. I love using CRM technology…but too many people use it to replace human contact.

  6. Cheryl Gnad says:

    I’ve had a great CRM then my computer with all of the data crashed!!! All I have to do is find it and reinstall, but finding has been a bear so far. They are great when you have them!

  7. Great article. I use a CRM and find it invaluable but it is only good if you use it properly.

  8. Daveda says:

    I most definitely think having a personalized system is a huge benefit to your business. No one wants to be just another number. 😉

  9. I think I’m going to try those cards. I don’t need a big CRM system.

  10. Love the breakdown of CRM that you provided. Years ago when I first got started, the term CRM was as foreign as could be. Always great to have a process in place that helps to automate things.

  11. CRM is great for full integration of a process but can only be as good as the data that goes in it and the folks that stay on top of things… but nothing replaces one on one contact.

  12. Beth Blacker says:

    I have been using various CRM systems for years and honestly could not function without one. And being the owner of a company that focuses on providing client and/or employee appreciation gifts, I can definitely relate to the importance of having a system like SOC.

  13. Christy Lee says:

    Hi Heather, this sounds like such a great system. I have never heard of it before,thank you for explaining it to me. what a great blog post!

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