What This Summer Has Taught Me

This blog has been seriously ignored. I’d been extremely busy with my social media business and my skin care business. When I had a few minutes that didn’t need business attention, I had laundry to do, bills to pay, and a million and one kid related things to do. Once again, I find myself wanting to re-commit to the writing side of my businesses and share what I’m learning and doing with YOU, my readers. You’ll notice that a few of my posts late last year were posts about one of my social media clients—- I’d been doing some writing for them—- and in the back of my head I always have a blog post, but life happens. The more I’m DOING THINGS, the less I’m wanting to spend extra time WRITING about what I’m doing.

Then summer hit. My kids both have special needs. There are some good special needs daycamps locally. They all cost far too much money. For the first summer ever, we decided to keep the kids home for twelve weeks straight. Honestly, for the first eight weeks or so, it went really well—- Chuck E Cheese, Science Museum, out to lunch, out for ice cream, the zoo, every playground, etc etc etc. I hired help when my husband was busy because my kids are one to one type of kids. Then the last four weeks they were sick of each other and basically screaming all day long. School has started now, so my sanity is back, and I can admit that even in the last four weeks when kid stuff was CRAZY, I still watched my email inbox go down in number each day. Laundry still got done and bills still got paid. I sold skin care and cosmetics. I worked for my social media clients. My house was messy but that’s not a big change from the school year…. :)

I learned that I tend to think I’m “TOO BUSY” for this or that when I’m actually not running at 100% quite yet. When I have a few weeks or a few months of 100% or even 150% if I’m being honest…… and then quiet hits again, I realize that I didn’t know what busy WAS. I’m recommitting to sharing with you and writing and doing more than just keeping my head above water with the kids and the businesses. Watch this space.

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