Where Should Direct Sales Pros Organize Their Contacts?

My second business, the greeting card biz, has a lot of advantages, and there are many reasons that direct sales professionals choose us over going to the hallmark store.  With us you can personalize and customize your cards with photos (including photos of new products!).  With us, you can click a button and include a gift.  Handwriting fonts and signatures are a VERY cool tool.  Even if you’re already happily committed to a direct sales company as I am, there is a way to generate an additional residual income stream.

But the BIGGEST advantage by far is: OUR CONTACT MANAGER. Ask a typical Tupperware or Lia Sophia representative what would happen to all of her contacts if she decided to leave her current company and go to another one tomorrow? WHO has the contact information of ALL of her clients and downline members?  Probably her company’s back office.  Worse yet, what happens if your direct sales business shuts down and your company’s online database system shuts down with it?  With us, if a direct sales pro switches companies,  all she has to do is set up a postcard campaign and click SEND and ALL of her clients continue to do business with her in the new company. Any company system in a direct sales back office is to benefit the company, not the direct seller herself.  As a direct sales professional you want to brand yourself.  If you switch companies, you want to keep your clients.

Direct sales professionals are great at bookings, sales, and recruiting.  However, many of us are weak at database management.  Either find nooks and crannies of time to build your contact manager or hire a virtual assistant to do it.  Your contact list which YOU own is a valuable tool in your business.

How would you feel if you had a system that emailed you when your client’s birthday is coming up, and it only took you five seconds to locate your “birthday card campaign” and click “send” on that client’s name and a couple of days later she got a birthday card from you?  What if you were consistently getting these emails from your contact management system and you were sending out birthday cards to your clients on a weekly basis?  What if each birthday card had a product discount offer?  While you’re busy with new clients, your phone would be ringing with your favorite loyal clients, thanking you for your birthday card.

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For the benefits you would reap, could you find five minutes a day to add your new contacts?  I’d bet you could!

Heather Price is a direct sales relationship marketing expert in Cleveland, OH. Have you ever lost a client because you’ve dropped the ball on keeping in touch and didn’t follow through? It’s so frustrating- what if there was a system that did that for you? Have you ever wished you had someone to print your marketing materials, stuff envelopes, address them and mail them for you? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just click one button and include a gift too? That’s what Heather does- She sets you up with a system that does just that…. plus it reminds you when birthdays are coming up. The result is better retention and increased referrals from your clients, a more streamlined marketing system, and you’ll never again forget a birthday. You will feel much more organized and accomplished when you can send 700 holiday cards in five minutes.   Send two free cards to promote your business:  http://cardswithheather.com

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  1. Loved reading this post Heather. Just an hour ago my husband and I were discussing using SOC to do a mail-out for his Real Estate business. Very timely post for us and very well written. Best wishes!

  2. Heather Price says:

    hi Carol!

    If you and your husband are not already clients or marketing distributors with SOC, I’m happy to help you get started. 216-870-3142. Just give me a holler!

  3. denny hagel says:

    Great advice!Follow up is so important! Thanks!

  4. Elizabeth Maness says:

    Great advice and tips. Keeping up with your clients is important. Give them some personal attentiona and it will keep them coming back. Make them feel important and worthy!

  5. My friend Sue introduced me to Send Out Cards and although I am not a member I have used them. Wonderful!!! Great way to stay connected!

  6. Thanks for the great tips Amy!

  7. Edmund Lee says:

    Helpful tips Amy! Looking forward to more updates! =)

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