Who wants a box of brownies?

When it comes to brownies, do you prefer chewy or crumbly? I’ve made both (from mixes) and personally I’ve decided I prefer chewy. The brownies that come as a gift choice with a Send Out Cards account are my personal favorites. I am going to give away a box to one of YOU! Why? What does this have to do with direct sales or relationship marketing? Well hang on there, I’ll tell you. If you send a box of brownies (or cookies, or a magazine subscription, or a gift card, or any number of gifts you can send with the click of one button with your SOC account to one of your team members, she’ll be thrilled. You’ll probably have made her whole day. Maybe before she simply thought of you as her sales director, team leader, or recruiter, but now she’ll remember you as the gal who remembered her birthday (or a random Tuesday) with a box of brownies. And how about a fun way to remember a hostesses birthday?!

Here’s How this Works:

Every month, I’m going to randomly select someone to receive a box. They come 4 oversized brownies to a box as a gift from me. If you’d like to be participate, enter your email address in the box in at the top of that right hand column over there (see me pointing?)

Here’s a couple of things to keep in mind.
Please use a valid email address. If you are selected to receive a box of brownies, I’ll need to be able to get in touch with you so I know where to send them.

Once you enter your email address, please check your inbox right away as you’ll receive an email with a confirmation link. It’s very important that you click on that confirmation link.

You need to be a representative of a direct sales company, and you need to be someone who does not currently have an account with Send Out Cards.

I look forward to sending these yummy brownies!

Now that you’ve signed up in the box, why not comment here and let us know that you’re playing?

2 Responses to Who wants a box of brownies?

  1. Leah O says:

    Great advice Heather. Showing appreciation in business to everyone you work with, not just customers is important. People will talk and brag about how they got a gift or a encouraging note from someone else.

  2. Glenda Cates says:

    I agree appreciation is always nice. I try to do this with my new downline members as it shows I care.

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