Why You Should Follow-Up with Customers and Prospects

One of the keys to sales success involves following a regular, continuous follow-up procedure. Some customers who fail to call you back still want what you sell. But, they sometimes get too busy for returning phone calls and emails. If you establish a regular plan for following up with your prospects and customers, you become a sales leader. Learn what amazing things you can accomplish during follow-up.

Negotiate or Resolve Concerns
Some of your prospects and existing customers want or need what you sell. But, for some reason, they sometimes hesitate. It may be the cost, your delivery terms, uncertainty about you or the company you represent, or maybe they just need some encouragement before they take the next step. Use follow-up calls effectively. Find what issue(s) have created a roadblock for your customer. Resolve any issues which prevent the sale by renegotiating. In the process, you will gain important insights into your customer’s needs which help you secure a long-term, mutually-satisfactory relationship with them.

Find Good Referrals
Your existing customers provide you the best referrals imaginable. Follow up regularly and consistently in a friendly, comfortable manner. According to Ashley Lichty who wrote an article entitled “How Important Is Prospect Cultivation To You?” for How-to-Profits.com, “Prospect cultivation is one of the most important aspects of a marketing plan. How are you suppose to turn leads into clients without a strong plan?” Contact your existing customer occasionally to uncover their current needs and remind them to let you know if they think of others interested in your products or services.

Secure Repeat Business
Secure repeat business by sending thank you messages to existing customers. If you work online, you can send personalized messages after the sale, or you can use an auto-responder which sends out thank you messages automatically with or separate from their order confirmation. From emails to hand-written notes delivered by snail mail, taking the time to say thank you boosts repeat business, improves your customer relationship and increases the possibility of getting referrals. Let your prospects know of your willingness to answer their questions or concerns. Regardless of what kind of mailing list you use, give the customer a sense that you sent them a personal note–not something you shot out to all your customers. Your mailing list if one of your business’ greatest assets,. So, use it wisely.

Introduce New Products
There are many legitimate reasons to contact your prospects. You may have new products, updates about your company, upcoming events and/or your current promotions, for instance. They give you a reason for the call. But, your follow-up contacts should be all about grooming a relationship with your prospect–not just about distributing flyers or catalogs. Go one-on-one with them in a personal way if you hope to develop business from your prospective buyers.



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