Why You- And Your Host- Must Use a Guest List


I always enjoy Christie’s articles.  I’m a fan of “top ten” lists, and this one hits the nail on the head!  Enjoy this article from the Lemon Aid Lady! — Heather

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As a direct sales professional, you’ve got people on all sides telling you hoo to run your business.  And some of them don’t believe in using a Guest List when planning a party with a host. We’ll I’m here to tell you that YOU MUST use a guest list if you want to keep your business and profits growing. Here’s why:

She remembers who she invited because it is written down. It’s her invitation map.

She will save time and money because YOU will send reminder cards via the mail as well as electronic invitations (yes…this costs money but when properly used will MAKE YOU MONEY!).

She will have a “permanent guest list” in your files for future parties that will only need updating not recreating.

You will have fewer cancellations (they usually cancel “because no one can come;” that’s usually because no one was invited because a list was not created!).

You will have a list to contact of people who were not able to come and who “know” you through the post card and e-vites you sent (this is the GOLD MINE IDEA HERE!).

You can prepare in advance for party drawings by copying the guest list and cutting it up for use at the party.

You can prepare order forms in advance with each guests’ information (this is a WOW factor….trust me!).

You will have a “permanent guest list” in your files for her future parties that will only need updating not recreating.

They receive a physical reminder. E-mail boxes are overly crowded and unless the e-vite is printed, people will forget.

They could be your “Lucky Winner.” (I call one in ten people on the list before the party who become my lucky winners).

They know in advance who the party consultant is and what they are going to learn at the party (you do include your contact information and a “preview” of the party on the
card/email, correct?).

MORE people attend the party, MORE learn about your product, MORE lives are enriched by using your product.

MORE people book parties, MORE hosts get MORE rewards.

MORE people decide to follow in your footsteps by becoming a consultant.

MORE people have employment because you’re selling MORE product, MORE of the economy grows as you create MORE Sweet Successes and Juicy Profits…all because of one very valuable piece of paper—the GUEST LIST!

Wow…this was MORE than the TOP TEN! Guest lists are the foundation of the best parties. If you and your host are both taking the time to plan and hold a party, why not do the best you can?

If you want MORE ideas of how to create and use Guest Lists, refer to Presentations for Profit$ book, pages 3 to 19…16 pages of ideas for a crucial piece of the party plan

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