You Know About Video Email— Here Are Other Reasons to Join WowWe!

Why does a direct sales professional need to pay a monthly fee for a video email package?  Because it’s not JUST a video email package, that’s why!  So far, in showing you WowWe’s features, I’ve been showing you the custom video templates that you can create to send video emails to your team members, potential team members, clients, and potential clients.  You can see those posts here:  Scentsy, Send Out Cards, Skinny Fiber, and Tupperware.  Don’t yet see me featuring YOUR direct sales business?  Comment here and tell me which business you’d like me to highlight next!



In addition to using video emails for your business associates, you can take the link of a birthday video email and post it daily on facebook for your facebook friends. (post to their walls)  I’ve gotten new clients this way.  They see the creative way I wish them a happy birthday and they want to know more about my businesses, especially how I put together the video and custom template for their birthday.

But video emails isn’t everything.  How would you like to conduct your team meetings online, but face to face?  The video conferencing service you get via WowWe can do that for you.  Your team members can log on, connect their webcams, and you can be meeting in a video conference face to face.  Need to share a document or use a whiteboard to make a presentation?  No problem.  We have those features.

Need a more traditional webinar service that takes the place of Go2Meeting or Webex?  No problem.  With the video conferencing you can have 50 audience members for a much lower monthly fee.

Finally, I’ll bet you’re using an autoresponder service in your business, such as aweber or constant contact.  You can send out emails with custom templates.  Ah.  But how do you insert a video in those emails?  With this service you can have video emails set up via autoresponder- this is a very unique way to promote your business.

WowWe isn’t just for direct sales professionals, but those of you in direct sales are the folks to whom I like to speak, as I’ve been in direct sales myself now for 13 years.  The more unique tools we can use to promote our businesses, the better.

Interested in learning more about WowWe?  Check it out here.  Want to send a free video email to try it out?  Check it out here.


Aside from parenting special needs twins, Heather Price represents three direct sales and network marketing companies. She started with a popular skin care/ cosmetics company in 2000, and added the greeting card and video email companies in 2008 and 2012 specifically to encourage other direct sales professionals to use out of the box tools to promote their businesses. Heather enjoys selling the products and building teams with these companies. Do you need extra income? You can find out more from the “work with Heather” pull down menu at In 2012 she added social media services to her portfolio. For a limited number of clients, she tweets, pins, posts, connects, curates content, uploads videos, and generally explodes the social media presence of small businesses. Heather’s businesses can be found at , , and . To ask Heather about her social media services, simply email her at

6 Responses to You Know About Video Email— Here Are Other Reasons to Join WowWe!

  1. Interesting concept, Heather. I have yet to do my first video…I am so vain!

  2. Shelley Webb says:

    Video is very important and I imagine that there are many people in direct sales who are not using it yet. I’m like Jackie and don’t like to be in front of the camera. Thankfully, in my line of work, I can use video screen shots in order to teach. :)

    Great article!

  3. Edmund Lee says:

    In my experience, haven’t seen too many videos within newsletters/autoresponder services. For those who utilize this, great way to differentiate themselves.

  4. Lorii Abela says:

    Video emails are advantage nowadays. You will be able to communicate as if you talk to the person face to face. It’s a good thing you have developed WowWe.

  5. Lorii Abela says:

    Such a helpful tips! Very informative and easy to follow. Most of the websites, even nowadays are still not designed for mobile viewing.

  6. Vicky says:

    Very interesting. Thanks for sharing Heather.

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